What's BitterSweet's story?

BitterSweet was founded on a dare. This store had been the dream of founder Shannon Iaculli's for a long time and one day, her partner finally challenged her with these words - "What are you waiting for? Until you're 80 years old to do this?" Shannon had no intention of waiting until 80 years old and so she rose to the challenge. By starting the store and putting herself in the midst of it, she had to make it work, year after year.

BitterSweet was founded in the summer of 2001. At first, we didn't know what kind of store it was going to be. That's where the name BitterSweet comes into play - it encompasses all of those things. It gives us the creative license to sell a wide variety of designs and looks.

Who is the BitterSweet woman?

BitterSweet is for anyone who is realistic about their everyday clothing. The BitterSweet woman is shopping for pieces she can wear over and over again because they fit great, they're comfortable, and she loves them. Our goal is to offer value, comfort, and style - outfits that look good and make you feel good.  We want you to go home with clothes that make you look and feel great, whether you're playing on the floor with your kids or heading out for a night on the town.

What makes Charlottesville and Lynchburg the perfect homes for BitterSweet?

We're so pleased to call Charlottesville and Lynchburg home! People in both cities appreciate shopping locally, personalized experience, and especially the customer service you get from a small business. Because both places have a great, small-town vibe, our customers look for a place to buy clothes that are unique - no one wants to wear what their neighbors are wearing ;) 

Why shop BitterSweet?

BitterSweet is locally owned and engaged in our communities, playing an active role in downtown revitalization. We give back to our communities and are committed to forming personal relationships with our customers.  Because we work with smaller designers and buy in limited quantities, chances are you won't see your new favorite outfit anywhere else!